The Sourcing Division

“Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.” - Dumbledore.

During the Covid pandemic we have had plenty of time to discover new found talents and interests, from which we have built a team of talented Sourcing Specialists. We have managed to source and deliver goods of all kinds for companies that are struggling to find the time to source them. From hard to find office stationary to office unicorns, if you need it we can find it.

Mitch Mercia Candey (Botes)

Director|Sourcing Specialist
Mitch Mercia Candey is the bubbling spring of energy in the office, she motivates the team and spreads good cheer.  She is talented in finding the right fit for each human.

She loves a good cup of coffee in the morning, but she does they happy dance for a really good cuppa tea!

FernAmber LaHoud

Marketing Strategist | Cat Mother
FernAmber is our office marketing strategist. She fills her day with creating artwork, handling social media queries, and sharing pictures of her cat babies. 

Her coffee comes black and bitter and her cuppa tea is always Rooibos - no milk!

Kendyl Kruger

Sourcing Specialist | Beauty Guru
Kendyl (- not Jenner!) is one of our talented sourcing specialists, she is like a bloodhound on a scent when she needs to source a product! She is also a beauty therapist - keeping us all fashionably happy.

Kendyl's coffee is as sweet as she is, with some frothy milk on top!

Stephanie Houghton

Sourcing Specialist | Helicopter Pilot
Steph is our resident helicopter pilot, and sourcing specialist, she is bubbly full of life and is always happy to see a sunrise! She mambas it on the phone and can sell ice to Eskimo's!

Steph is a no milk girl when it comes to hot beverages, from Green tea to Rooibos. Talk about Jetfuel!
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